Stars and Sky

Speak to me in stars and sky, Whisper words of reasons why. Share with me secrets of infinite space, Tell me that in this world I have a place. Shoulder to shoulder we stare at the night, Watching the world, its unending flight. Stay close and speak to me in Stars and sky.

Broken Bits

Standing in the rubble of my mind Smoke filling the dreams  Fire approaching Can I escape the trap that is my own self Bloodied feet from running in circles No end No beginning All the same Broken bits.


What keeps the feet from stepping off the ledge? What makes the body turn away from the end. What is the purpose of not feeling the flight to release the soul. Plummet away from mundane. 


The baptismal effect of the natural world can wash over the soul. For out there the flora and fauna don’t care who you are or how you feel as long as you are quiet. And if you can keep the blight of thought from poisoning your mind you can merely sit and feel the sun, […]


Life is pathed before me, Footsteps towards nothingness. Stumbling into sunlight while feeling  No warmth. It is worth the walk?


There’s an infection inside of me That maybe a blade will help release Just a small cut to start the flow  So I may begin to feel normal. I can never go down that track Once there, there’s no going back Someday the cut may be  too deep